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NOTE: In some cases, international orders may take 2-4 weeks to be delivered due to limited flights caused by COVID-19.

Saxophone Mouthpiece Material:

The advantages of PLA


Maximum Resonance

PLA plastic (1.24 g/cm3) has a greater density than hard rubber (1.2 g/cm3), allowing reed vibrations to be more efficiently translated into sound production.


Durable and non-toxic

Unlike hard rubber, WCW's special PLA is food safe. In addition, it does not oxidize--a process that turns hard rubber mouthpieces yellowish and leaches harmful sulfur compounds. This means WCW mouthpieces can be used outdoors all year round!


Affordable for all

PLA is a readily attainable material that is compatible with additive manufacturing process. This means you can get a great sounding WCW mouthpiece at a highly affordable price!

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