(Frequently Asked Questions)

Do your mouthpieces pair well with synthetic reeds?

Absolutely! The material and method of production is almost entirely separate from a mouthpiece’s compatibility with reeds. The more important factors are the evenness of the table and rails which allow the reed to properly sit and seal. This is why we hand finish all of our pieces after they are manufactured. It is important to note, however, that some synthetic reeds have a very unique body profile which may affect the placement of the ring ligature, so a ligature adjustment may be necessary for certain models of reeds. Feel free to check out a demo of our “56” being played with a Legere synthetic reed here:




Are your mouthpieces copies of existing pieces?

Nope! Although some of our models are inspired by designs and sounds from the past, we have found it crucial to make adjustments that are conducive to modern production and modeling techniques. We take a lot of pride in our R&D process that allows us to create original and high quality designs with a distinct sound profile.


Why are certain pieces offered in limited tip opening options?


Whereas our Jazz Classic and Jazz Bright models are offered in 5 tip opening options, you may have noticed that the “56” is offered in only one option. Some have suggested that 3D printing limits tip opening variety, but in fact the opposite is true as we are not constrained by molds. Although possible for that design to have multiple openings, we decided while working with Dr. Wally Wallace from the Saxophone Academy that we wanted a piece that was above else, strikingly clear in its conception. With only one tip opening option, we can ensure that every piece has the exact sound profile that we are looking for — a feature that makes the “56” as special as it is. With that said, some players have expressed that they would like to see the “56” in multiple options so that a wider selection of reeds can be used, so it is possible that we will add more tip openings in the future. 


What is your return policy?

You are welcome to request a return within 30 days of receipt of your new mouthpiece. To request a return, please send an email including your order number and reason for return to info@windycitywoodwinds.com. You will be sent a shipping label and once we receive your product in good condition, you will be refunded minus a $10 cleaning and restocking fee per mouthpiece. International orders will be required to pay return shipping costs with their own label and provide tracking information to info@windycitywoodwinds.com. Custom engraved products cannot be returned.