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WCW "72" Tenor Mouthpiece
  • WCW "72" Tenor Mouthpiece

    Embrace the unapologetic dynamism of the contemporary music scene with the 72 Tenor. This mouthpiece is designed for the audacious, the boundary-pushers, and the visionaries, bringing a brighter, punchier energy that resonates with the forward-thinking saxophonists of today.


    The 72 Tenor features a modern high step baffle that delivers an assertive, luminous sound projection. This innovative design translates your artistic ideas into a commanding, engaging performance that cuts through in contemporary, pop, and fusion genres.


    Tailored to stand out, the 72 Tenor pushes the envelope of sonic performance. Expect sparkling highs, potent mids, and resonant lows, all delivered with an extra dose of brightness and punch that amplifies your unique voice in the music.

    • Shipping Info

      All mouthpieces ship free with USPS First Class Mail domestically by default. Faster shipping options are available for both domestic and international orders for the USPS calculated rate at checkout. International orders may be subject to local customs/excise tax. It is the responsiblity of the buyer to pay such fees if they apply. In rare cases, additional shipping costs may apply for countries with abnormly high shipping rates. You will be contacted by email if this applies.

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