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WCW "64" Soprano Mouthpiece
  • WCW "64" Soprano Mouthpiece

    Unleashing the audacious spirit of the 1960s, we introduce the 64 Soprano. Drawing inspiration from the pioneering voices of this transformative decade, the 64 Soprano melds the vintage soul of iconic saxophone trailblazers with the vibrancy of the present. The 60s were a time of sonic renaissance, with artists like John Coltrane and Steve Lacy redefining the soprano saxophone, embarking on uncharted paths of musical exploration.


    Built upon our relentless research and development, the 64 Soprano serves as a versatile partner for the modern-day soprano saxophonist, seamlessly blending the grandeur of the past with the requirements of contemporary music. This mouthpiece not only satisfies the standards of today's soprano saxophonist; it aims to inspire new standards.

    • Shipping Info

      All mouthpieces ship free with USPS First Class Mail domestically by default. Faster shipping options are available for both domestic and international orders for the USPS calculated rate at checkout. International orders may be subject to local customs/excise tax. It is the responsiblity of the buyer to pay such fees if they apply. In rare cases, additional shipping costs may apply for countries with abnormly high shipping rates. You will be contacted by email if this applies.

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