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WCW "56" Soprano Mouthpiece
  • WCW "56" Soprano Mouthpiece

    With its roots anchored in the "cool school" aesthetics of the 50s, the "56" Soprano expands the sonic palette. Be prepared for a journey of sound: expressive altissimo, lyrical mids, and a lower register that sings with an unmatchable vintage charm. Through meticulous design and engineering, the "56" guarantees precision, consistent intonation, and a vibrant, warm timbre throughout the registers.


    The "56" Soprano is the perfect blend of vintage soul and modern refinement, a mouthpiece that isn't just an accessory, but a true artistic partner. Created for the discerning saxophonist who yearns for the intimate nostalgia of the past while embracing the demands of today's music, the "56" Soprano is your key to unlocking the expressive potential of your instrument.

    • Shipping Info

      All mouthpieces ship free with USPS First Class Mail domestically by default. Faster shipping options are available for both domestic and international orders for the USPS calculated rate at checkout. International orders may be subject to local customs/excise tax. It is the responsiblity of the buyer to pay such fees if they apply. In rare cases, additional shipping costs may apply for countries with abnormly high shipping rates. You will be contacted by email if this applies.

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